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SP R I N G I S HE R E !!

Hey everyone!


I've been really busy the last couple of months.... After a small tour with Urbex(CORE)

(the quintet version of URBEX), I went on tour with TaxiWars.

After a great packed show at De Roma in Antwerp, we flew to Nairobi, Kenya, for a series of concerts and a masterclass. We got to share some music with the kids in the "slums". It was one of the most humbling and humanizing experience I've ever had!


Then, after long-*sses flights, we got to Italy and played 5 shows in a row which were a blast!


After that, it went on!!! I joined Jean-Paul Esiévenart's trio for a trip to Haïti, to play at the "Port-Au-Prince International Jazz Festival". Again, it was an amazing journey, full of great encounters with inspiring human beings.

Now, I'm back home, playing concerts here and there and on the way learned that I was the winner of the B-Jazz Composition Contest 2017 for my tune "Vertigo Of The Fish". I'm thrilled and feel really honored!


I am now writing a lot (A LOT) of music for a next chapter of URBEX...

...BUT ALSO for a new project that is going to see the light in September 2017. I cannot tell too much about it right now but you'll know soon enough! We've already been working with the musicians for a couple of months now and we're REALLY excited! ;-)


APRIL and MAY are going to be busy months as well, playing with different projects such as Philip Catherine Quartet, Jean-Paul Estiévenart trio, David Thomaere trio, Toine Thys French Quartet, Tree-Ho!, TaxiWars and...


ON MAY 28TH, URBEX is on at the Grand'Place Podium for the Brussels Jazz Week End. We really look forward to that one!!!


Well, all that to say that I truly am grateful to being able to play and write music everyday and being able to travel so much and meet all of your beautiful souls! I hope to catch you at one of the coming gigs and please stay tuned for what's coming up!






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