With NextApe, Antoine Pierre draws us into a highly eclectic musical universe. He offers up a music that, though its roots are in jazz, blends smoothly with markedly electronic influences.

We are treated to his talent for melodies, his broken rhythms and his sophisticated arrangements. His imagination is impregnated with music, with pictorial, cinematographic and theatrical works... and is also imbued with the present.

The drummer has surrounded himself with four talented musicians : the charismatic Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa, whose clear voice deftly overlays the keyboards of the virtuoso Jérôme Klein and the rock-inflected but sensual guitar of Lorenzo Di Maio. On alto saxophone, Ben Van Gelder, after a long residence in New York, brings to the project a powerful and absolutely unique acoustic sound


Ben Van Gelder- alto sax

Veronika Harcsa -vocals

Lorenzo Di Maio- guitar

Jérôme Klein- keyboards

Antoine Pierre - drums

Don't miss out our next shows:


Sep 2 at the Belgian Jazz Meeting (for professionals only) at Flagey in the "early morning" (11.45 AM).


We'll be playing two concerts in quintet - Urbex(CORE)-

Sep 10 at Jazz at Home in Mechelen feat. Fabian Fiorini &

Sep 16 at Appeltuin in Leuven


I'm also looking forward to some exciting shows with burning line-ups!

Aug 27 with Jacky Terrasson and Stéphane Belmondo at Théâtre De Liège (Jazz04 Festival)

Sep 22 in duo with piano-wonder Fabian Fiorini at Jacques Pelzer Club in Liège

Oct 14 with Igor Gehenot's Organ trio at Jazz Station

Oct 21 with Félix Zurstrassen's new trio feat Nelson Vers at Jazz Station

Oct 27 & 28 in duo with amazing guitarist Bert Cools


but also Lorenzo Di Maio Group, LG Jazz Collective, Taxiwars, Philip Catherine,...



Urbex was at Jazz Middelheim this summer!



We are going to record a second album

this coming December

to be out on IGLOO Records in May 2018.